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Ground-taxes of Strijen, 18th century

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unknown; (): Ground-taxes of Strijen, 18th century. DANS. https://doi.org/10.17026/dans-zdu-vpax

1994-01-01 to 1995-01-01 unknown; 10.17026/dans-zdu-vpax

The dataset contains the transcription of the 'Quohieren van Verpondingen' (assessment lists of ground-taxes) from the eighteenth century of the village Strijen in the district 'Hoeksche Waard' in the Netherlands. Data on rent and ground-taxes on real estate in Strijen are included. On occasion of the millennium anniversary of Strijen, the journal 'Ons Voorgeslacht' devoted a special issue to Strijen (volume 50, nr 462, 1995). The lists were published in this special issue. The original purpose of the dataset attempted to trace which person has lived in which house by making a comparison between two (source) lists. In spite of the fact that the rank order of the houses is mostly equal, it is not so easy to get a balanced conclusion on the exact history of inhabitation. Sometimes the period between the two lists is 20 years, so that changes of the ownership of a house sometimes are not noticed.