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Tijdsbestedingsonderzoek 1980 - TBO 1980

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Galama, H., Intomart bv * Hilversum, Sociaal en cultureel planbureau, SCP * Den Haag (primary investigator); (): Tijdsbestedingsonderzoek 1980 - TBO 1980. DANS. https://doi.org/10.17026/dans-x5w-azwh

1980 Galama, H., Intomart bv * Hilversum, Sociaal en cultureel planbureau, SCP * Den Haag (primary investigator); 10.17026/dans-x5w-azwh

Time-budgets of people of twelve years and older / exposure to radio and television / consumerism, shopping / weeklies, magazines, newspapers / membership of library, reading habits / going out where and frequency / eating indoors and outdoors / sports / watching soccer, other sports / participating in Lotto / playing a musical instrument / hobbies / interested in political topics / active participation in national problems, local problems, participation procedures / work in voluntary organizations / garden, kind of garden, use of garden / domestic animals / composition of household / who is doing the domestic work / means of conveyance of school-going children, who is looking after children after school hours / who is main contributor to household income / who is taking care of financial affairs, repairing / marital status / profession, kind of profession, self-employed or employee / working hours during week / how many days off / working in shifts / place of work / education, highest type attended, duration in years, type of vocational training / wife working outdoors, kind of work, working hours, shifts, self-employed, employee / religious affiliation / type of house / illness, aid of mother's help, paid help in the house / consumption of durables / voting intentions if elections now / advertising / sources of information used / use of launderette, dry cleaner's, window cleaner / urgency of types of domestic work, aid needed for domestic work, who taught how domestic work should be done, who taught how to repair / shops, supermarkets in neighbourhood / consumer durables, new or second-hand / repairing household articles / net income of total household. Background variables: basic characteristics/ housing situation/ household characteristics/ place of work/ occupation/employment/ income/capital assets/ education/ politics/ religion/ readership, mass media, and 'cultural' exposure/ organizational membership.
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