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EASY offers sustainable archiving of research data and access to thousands of datasets.

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Instructions in English or Nederlands.

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Thank you for depositing your data via EASY. Your data will be stored in a permanent and sustainable manner. If you have any questions during your deposite, please contact us.

A few words before you can start:

  1. Please find more detailed information about the deposit process on the DANS website;
  2. Prepare your data before depositing. We have preferred formats guidelines available;
  3. During the depositing, you can determine to what extent the data will be accessible;
  4. Log in to EASY or create an account;
  5. After depositing you will receive an e-mail with a license agreement and information about the assignment of a persistent identifier to your dataset. A DANS staff member will finalize the deposit process and your dataset will be available to you and other researchers (in accordance with the access conditions indicated by you).
  6. In order to get more exposure and credit for your data: consider writing a data paper for Research Data Journal (peer reviewed, open access, international, online-only, published by Brill)