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Bird ringing data Netherlands 1960-1990 part 1

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Jeugd, dr HP van der (NIOO-KNAW, Vogeltrekstation) (): Bird ringing data Netherlands 1960-1990 part 1. DANS. https://doi.org/10.17026/dans-2ch-6s6r

2015-12-16 Jeugd, dr HP van der (NIOO-KNAW, Vogeltrekstation) 10.17026/dans-2ch-6s6r

The tradition of ringing birds as a means of studying avian populations is more than a century old. Scientific bird ringing is a research method based on the individual marking of birds. This technique is one of the most effective methods to study the biology, ecology, behaviour, movement, breeding productivity and population demography of birds.
The dataset contains ringing records of individual birds in the Netherlands from the period 1960-1990. For a full description of codes please consult http://www.euring.org/files/documents/E2000PLUSExchangeCodeV116_1.pdf

The data from this dataset are end products of the 'Parels van data' (Pearls of data) project aimed to make the NIOO archive digital available for anyone to use.