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Udhruh Archaeological Project 2011-2014

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Driessen, dr. M.J. (Leiden University); Abudanah, dr. F. (Al-Hussein Bin Talal University) (): Udhruh Archaeological Project 2011-2014. DANS. https://doi.org/10.17026/dans-x6r-78xe

2014-07-31 Driessen, dr. M.J. (Leiden University); Abudanah, dr. F. (Al-Hussein Bin Talal University) 10.17026/dans-x6r-78xe

The Udhruh Archaeological project takes place in the south of Jordan and is situated 15 km east of Petra (Wadi Musa). The Roman legionary fortress experiences continuity as a town throughout the Byzantine and Islamic periods, and its remains still dominate the center of the nowadays village. These remains are studied within the context of the surrounding landscape. The project started in 2011 with surveys, within a radius of 25 kmĀ² in and around Udhruh, and continued during several fieldwork seasons. This dataset covers the fieldwork seasons 2011-2014, lead by dr. M.J. Driessen (University Leiden, the Netherlands) and dr. F. Abudanah (Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, Jordan).

The spatial point indicates the center of the fortress. The first spatial box indicates the core of the research area with a radius of 25km. The second spatial box covers the complete area of research, in which some parts are more extensively researched than others.
Coordinates are in UTM-36N projection.

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