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Typological Database System Curator

Cite as:

CLARIN-NL, TDS Curator; (): Typological Database System Curator. DANS. https://doi.org/10.17026/dans-xc9-mnrf

2012-04-30 CLARIN-NL, TDS Curator; 10.17026/dans-xc9-mnrf

The Typological Database System (TDS) offers integrated access to various typological databases. These have been developed independently by linguists from diverse research domains. The TDS has been redeveloped as a web service with CLARIN-NL funding.

The TDS collection and its component databases are freely available, subject to the usual principles of scientific attribution and citation. If you find information here that you wish to use in your work, please credit the particular component database(s) that contain(s) the information and include the Persistent Identifier(s). If you use data from more than one component database, or if you make essential use of the enrichments that the TDS provides to the original databases, please credit the TDS by citing the following publication:

A. Dimitriadis, M. Windhouwer, A. Saulwick, R. Goedemans, T. Bíró. 2009. ‘How to integrate databases without starting a typology war: The Typological Database System’. In S. Musgrave, M. Everaert and A. Dimitriadis (eds.), The use of databases in cross-linguistic research. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.