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Interview project: Croatian Memories (CroMe) - Unveiling personal memories on war and detention

Interview project: Croatian Memories (CroMe) - Unveiling personal memories on war and detention
Documenta - Center for Dealing with the Past, Zagreb
Jong, F. de (project director, Twente University, Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Maas, P. van der (general project manager, Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Teršelič, V. (Documenta - Center for Dealing with the Past)
Petrović, T. (local project coordinator Croatia)
Hessen, A.J. van (local project coordinator Netherlands, Twente University)
Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS)
Noterik B.V.

Croatian Memories (CroMe) - Unveiling personal memories on war and detention.

In this project citizens of Croatia from all social layers and regions are interviewed about their personal experiences in violent situations. The project is covering three timeframes: WWII, the Yugoslav period and the war of the 90s. The overall objective is the stimulation and empowerment of the social and individual processes of "dealing with the past" in order to improve mutual understanding in Croatia and adjacent regions.

By creating a platform where general public as well as professionals can find information about remembrance of the past told by individuals in a balanced representation of the people currently living in Croatia, this process can take place in the next years or decades.

The interviews are held in Croatian. A transcription in Croatian, and a translation in English is added to the audiovisual file.

The interviews are for scholarly use only. Parts of the interviews can be found on the Croatian Memories website, these are freely accessible.

Modern and contemporary history
International law
Behavioural and educational sciences
Social sciences
Health sciences
personal memories
dealing with the past
oral history
Former Yugoslavia
Fedora Identifier: easy-dataset:47571
MPEG-4 H264

This interview is part of the CroMe (Croatian Memories) project. The CroMe project is financed by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Matra funding scheme. This fund aims to improve the development of societies of counties that are candidates for accession to the EU. Special interest of Matra is stimulating the development of a civil society. Local organizations work together with organizations from the Netherlands to improve knowledge in the specific fields.

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