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Dutch shipping and trade with Surinam, 1683-1795

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Postma, dr. J. (): Dutch shipping and trade with Surinam, 1683-1795. DANS. https://doi.org/10.17026/dans-zeh-h82t

2009-02 Postma, dr. J. 10.17026/dans-zeh-h82t

This dataset contains data on voyages by Dutch ships to Surinam in the period 1683-1795. It contains data on trade in general for this period.


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Dutch Shipping and Trade with Suriname, 1683-1795 – J. Postma

Introduction by J. Postma

Several decades ago I started collecting data on shipping to and from Surinam. Initially it was the Dutch slave, for which Surinam became the principal market during the eighteenth century, but after my book on the Dutch slave trade was published in 1990, mu focus shifted to Surinam trade in general, resulting in a systematic search of various Dutch archives and publications. But unfortunately, the project that I hoped would result in a book was never completed. This database is therefore intended for others to use as a starting point.

The primary source for my information was the Nationaal archief at The Hague, the Gemeente Archief at Amsterdam, and the Rijksarchief van Zeeland at Middelburg, but most important was the Archief van de Sociëteit van Suriname.

Most important among the latter were the papers and letters sent by the Suriname governors to the directors of the Sociëteit in the Netherlands, which included much shipping and commercial detail, especially before 1745. Afterwards the Governors maintained a daily journal that included most shipping but much less commercial detail. The final column in the database lists the relevant volumes consulted for individual shipments.

A codebook with further explanation is attached in PDF.


Historical map of Surinam, www.boeroes.nl (09-07-2009).