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Dutch Atlantic connections: the circulation of people, goods and ideas in the Atlantic world, 1600-1795

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DANS (): Dutch Atlantic connections: the circulation of people, goods and ideas in the Atlantic world, 1600-1795. DANS. https://doi.org/10.17026/dans-zc8-sz7n

2009-04-06T00:00:00.000+0200 DANS 10.17026/dans-zc8-sz7n

The database "Dutch Atlantic connections" gives information on 7666 journeys made by Dutch ships in the 17th and 18th centuries. These include ships of the Dutch West India Company, Dutch naval ships returning from the Caribbean, interlopers illegally operating in WIC monopoly territory, private traders sailing to the Caribbean, Africa, Surinam and New Netherland. Most journeys are standard trading ventures, but there are some notable journeys, including Henry Hudson’s journey to North America.
This is an integrated database containing data from earlier created datasets of the historians prof. dr. H. J. den Heijer, dr. W.W. Klooster, dr. R. Paesie, dr. J. Postma, dr. C. Reinders Folmer – van Prooijen and dr. J. Jacobs. The database contains also a limited number of data from the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database.
The goal of this database is to provide a platform into which information on Dutch Atlantic trade may be integrated. It is hoped that the number of almost 8000 journeys in the database may be expanded with further research.

Dutch Atlantic Connections. The circulation of people, goods and ideas in the Atlantic world, 1600-1795

The early modern era witnessed the emergence of an integrated Atlantic World connecting Europe, Africa, and the Americas, including the West Indies. These parts of the Western Hemisphere were connected by the circulation of people, goods and ideas. As a part of the resistance against Spain, the First Dutch West Indian Company was founded in 1621. After peace with the Spanish was restored in 1648, trading became increasingly important. The main trading products were sugar, cacao, tobacco, gold, silver and slaves. Despite the monopoly on trade of the WIC, Dutch interlopers also had a great share in trading with the New World. This integrated Atlantic World disappeared a few decades after the Revolutionary era due to several causes, particularly the end of the slave trade and the decolonisation of several New World colonies. In recent years, it has increasingly become clear that Dutch activities in this Atlantic World were of far greater significance than historians hitherto assumed. The pivotal and indeed exceptional role of the Dutch in the Atlantic World was not one of empire-builders, but one of middlemen and brokers who greased the Atlantic economic machine with unrivalled credit facilities and a myriad of commodities and distribution channels.

This dataset contains an integrated database combining data from various datasets. These datasets have been created earlier in different data formats. Almost all the data from these datasets has been standardized and converted into this integrated database in MS-Access (for more information see the document "explanation_database"). This database, providing information on 7666 journeys, is available here by clicking on the tab Data files and following the instructions on how to register below. The various original datasets on shipping, migration, and flows of goods, created earlier by historians in the last decade or so, have been made digitally accessible separately, in some cases after conversion into current data formats. They are listed below. By clicking on the links, these datasets and a description of the data can be found.
To download any data files it is necessary to log in. First click on the tab Data f
iles of this dataset or click on any of the links below for the desired dataset and choose then the tab Data files.  Click then on the button Register or Log in. When you are a registered user you can log in by entering your user name and password. After that you are redirected automatically to the download screen of the dataset. This might take some time. If you have not yet registered for EASY, you will be given the opportunity to do so now. It is not possible to download data files without registering. After having completed the registration process you will be redirected automatically to the download screen of the dataset

Dutch shipping and trade with Surinam, 1683-1795 – J. Postma
Dutch slave trade – J. Postma
Dutch trade with Curaçao, 1701-1762 – W. Klooster
The Cadiz trade of Dutch warships, 1701-1755 – W. Klooster
Dutch interlopers, 1674-1730 – R. Paesie
Dutch shipping on Essequibo and Demarare in the Eighteenth Century - R.Paesie
Voyages of the WIC, 1674-1740 – H. den Heijer
Dutch shipping to and from New Netherland in the Seventeenth Century - J. Jacobs
Shipping Middelburgsche Commercie Compagnie in the Eighteenth Century - C. Reinders Folmer – van Prooijen

The following two datasets are not yet included in the integrated database:
Exports from St. Eustatius to the Dutch Republic, 1783-1795 - H.R. Jordaan
Curaçao Slave Trade, 1700-1730 - H.R. Jordaan