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Over lezen gesproken 1990 : Sociale differentiatie in leesgedrag

Over lezen gesproken 1990 : Sociale differentiatie in leesgedrag
Social differentiation and reading behaviour 1990
Kraaykamp, G., Interuniversitair centrum theorievorming en methodenontwikkeling sociologie, ICS * Nijmegen (primary investigator)
Research School ICS, Afdeling Sociologie, Universiteit van Utrecht (depositor)
1990-01-01 to 1991-12-31

Social differentiation and reading behaviour. Reading (and frequency of reading) national, local and regional newspapers, weekly's and magazines, also by parents and partner / being subscribed to newspapers, weekly's and magazines / reading books in leisure time / number of books read during last two months / (frequency) of reading different types of novels and poetry / time spent at reading books, watching tv, work and domestic activities at the age of 18, at the age of 35 and at present / (frequency of) reading about specific subjects in newspapers / being subscribed to a portfolio with magazines / reading light reading matters or literature or both / having a favourite author, a favourite book or type of book / preferred type of book / reading behaviour / lending and-or buying books / membership of public library / money spent at books, newspapers, magazines / time spent at reading / reading behaviour when respondent was a child / influence of parents on reading behaviour / reading behaviour of brothers and sisters / reading behaviour of parents during his-her childhood (10-12 years old) / book collection of parents / cultural interest of parents during his-her childhood (10-12 years old) / having a tv at home when respondent was between 10 and 12 years old and frequency of watching tv at that time / respondents reading history / respondents knowledge about literature / other leisure activities / sharing interest in literature with partner and-or friends / test of respondent's general knowledge / influence of school on reading / reading behaviour of partner and friends. Background variables: basic characteristics/ household characteristics/ occupation/employment/ income/capital assets/ education/ politics/ religion/ readership, mass media, and 'cultural' exposure

Communication sciences
arts & culture
STAR: P1174
AipId: twips.dans.knaw.nl--9061958610771178250-1174308581523
Fedora Identifier: easy-dataset:32980
  • Kraaykamp, G.L.M.\; Kalmijn, M.; Een stille liefde : Over de lezeressen van romantische lectuur; Amsterdam; Amsterdam University Press; Mens en Maatschappij; 70; 2
  • Kraaykamp, G.L.M.; Over lezen gesproken : Een studie naar sociale differentiatie in leesgedrag; 1993; Amsterdam; Thesis publishers; pages 233 pp.
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