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Culturele Veranderingen in Nederland 2000 - CV'00

Cite as:

Becker, J.W. (Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau (SCP) (primary investigator)) (): Culturele Veranderingen in Nederland 2000 - CV'00. DANS. https://doi.org/10.17026/dans-zw4-sphe

2000-09-01 to 2000-12-31, 2000-09-25 to 2000-12-10, 2000 Becker, J.W. (Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau (SCP) (primary investigator)) 10.17026/dans-zw4-sphe

Trend study on changes in general opinions and attitudes of the Dutch population regarding a wide range of topics.

r.'s opinion on the role of the government concerning redivision of income, environment, trade and industry, housing, education, arts, children's day-care centres, welfare / knowledge of basic science / trust in science, traditional and alternative medicine / r.'s opinion on environmental protection, cars, industry, chemicals, insecticides, nuclear plants, pollution of surface water, climate change, GM food in relation to the environment / willingness to pay higher prices or taxes, or lower standard of living to protect environment / does the Dutch government, industry do enough to protect the environment / environment vs economic growth / opinion on probability of major nuclear disaster in 5 years / does r. recycle glass, metal, plastic paper etc. / does r. sometimes not use car to protect environment / concerning the environment: membership of organization, signed a petition, donated money, participated in a demonstration / religiosity / destiny / inequality / r.'s opinion on economic situation, unemployment, government spending, benefits / does r. worry about finance, politics, health, family, the future / opinion on welfare provisions, income differences / r.'s opinion on (employee, student) participation (medezeggenschap) at factories, universities, schools, municipality and province / should people be allowed to demonstrate, strike, occupy buildings / freedom of speach, freedom to write, freedom of religion for different groups / r.'s religion, how often visit church, church member, how strict / most important in life / r.'s opinion on immigrants, working mothers, crime and punishment, soft drugs, capital punishment, forced treatment of drug addicts, free hard drugs for addicts, treatment of sex offenders, immigrants / r.'s opinion on people and society in general, leadership / would vote if elections now / political affiliation / interested, trust in politics / member of political party / most important issues in politics / opinion on government Netherlands and many of its policy issues / income / type of household / education / work, how many hours, unpaid work.



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