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Affective touch videos

Cite as:

Huisman, Dr. G. (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) (): Affective touch videos. DANS. https://doi.org/10.17026/dans-z5z-5pg9

2015-07-29 Huisman, Dr. G. (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) 10.17026/dans-z5z-5pg9

A set of videos showing, from an egocentric perspective, affective touch (stroking touch) being applied to the dorsal side of a caucasian males' right forearm. Touches are applied by a caucasian female human, a Nao robot, a mannikin arm, and a plastic tube. Touches are applied at different velocities: 0.3cm/s, 1cm/s, 2cm/s, 3cm/s, 10cm/s, and 30cm/s. The 2cm/s video was originally intended as an example video. Video resolution is 1280 x 720 pixels. Video names include relevant stimuli description (e.g., H03 is human touch at 0.3cm/s).

Videos were originally created for studying perceptions of affective touch in an online study. Please use the following reference when using these videos in your research:

Willemse, C. J., Huisman, G., Jung, M. M., van Erp, J. B., & Heylen, D. K. (2016). Observing touch from video: the influence of social cues on pleasantness perceptions. In International conference on human haptic sensing and touch enabled computer applications (pp. 196-205). Springer.