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Cinema Context. Film in Nederland vanaf 1896: een encyclopedie van de filmcultuur

Cite as:

Dibbets, Dr. K. (Universiteit van Amsterdam) (): Cinema Context. Film in Nederland vanaf 1896: een encyclopedie van de filmcultuur. DANS. https://doi.org/10.17026/dans-z9y-c5g6

2018 Dibbets, Dr. K. (Universiteit van Amsterdam) 10.17026/dans-z9y-c5g6

Cinema Context is a historical data collection for the history of film culture, in particular the screening and distribution of films in the Netherlands. Cinema Context was conceived in a project financed by NWO, realized in 2005, under the direction of Dr. Karel Dibbets (1947-2017).

Cinema Context is a live instrument, corrections and new data are added regularly by the editors at the University of Amsterdam that manage and maintain the data collection. Technical support and hosting are provided by the Library of the University of Amsterdam (Special Collections).

The data collected here are snapshots. Updates will be added to the dataset, the date of a snapshot will be given in its filename. The most up-to-date version of the data can be found online at www.cinemacontext.nl

The RDF documentation pages can be found at: filehttps://uvacreate.gitlab.io/cinema-context/cinema-context-rdf/