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Open Data engages Citation and Reuse: A Follow-up Study on Enhanced Publication

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Farace, Dr. D. (GreyNet International) (): Open Data engages Citation and Reuse: A Follow-up Study on Enhanced Publication. DANS. https://doi.org/10.17026/dans-zy8-fcjw

2018-09-06 Farace, Dr. D. (GreyNet International) 10.17026/dans-zy8-fcjw

In 2011, GreyNet embarked on an Enhanced Publications Project (EPP) in order to link its collection of full text conference papers with accompanying research data. The initial phase in the study dealt with the design and implementation of an online questionnaire among authors, who were published in the International Conference Series on Grey Literature. From 2012 onwards, subsequent phases in the project dealt with the acquisition, submission, indexing, and archiving of GreyNet’s collection of published datasets now housed in the DANS EASY data archive.
In 2017, GreyNet’s Enhanced Publications Project was further broadened to include a Data Papers Project. Here, emphasis focused on describing the data rather than analyzing it. As such, the data paper signals data sharing and in this way promotes both data citation and the potential reuse of research data in line with the FAIR Guiding Principles for scientific data management and stewardship.
Available results from the Data Papers Project presented last year at GL19 concludes where this study commences. Here, we now seek to demonstrate the reuse of survey data collected in 2011 combined with survey data that will be newly collected via an online questionnaire. The survey population will be drawn from among GreyNet’s author base; and, a selection of questions from the 2011 Survey will be joined by newly formulated questions in constructing the questionnaire. Furthermore, GreyNet relying upon available use and usage statistics compiled from various sources will seek to provide evidence of data citation and referencing.
The results of this study are expected to demonstrate an increased willingness among GreyNet authors to share their research data – this in part due to GreyNet’s program of enhanced publication embedded in its workflow over the past six years. The study will provide an example of the reuse and further comparison of the results of survey data, which can be incorporated in GreyNet’s program of training and instruction. However, statistics on data citation and referencing are less likely expected to provide indicative results.